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March 2024


Our pre-season green and clubhouse tidying up session will be on Saturday morning, 6th April, starting at 10.00 AM, and we intend use this as an opportunity to update members on the situation regarding the future of the club, so please come along to hear the latest news and to air your views and concerns.

The season opening roll-up will be on Wednesday 10 April, from 2.00 p.m. and don’t forget to sign up for the Quiz & Chips on Friday 12th April. The first of our Monday evening roll-ups will be on 15th April; let’s hope it’s a warm day…The following Saturday, the 20th is the date for our first Open Day. A busy month indeed, but please come along if you can, “the more the merrier”, as the saying goes!

Finally, the club bar area has been rearranged, with a replacement (double) chiller and shelving for glasses, which, together with the bar itself having been turned through 90 degrees, has created more space, and will enable those working behind the bar to cope more easily at busier events.

This edition of Mackie News, the second this month, is to inform members of two changes to the club committee. Firstly, and with immediate effect, Chris Brown has kindly agreed to take over from Mick Wright, who, for personal reasons, has resigned as Green and Clubhouse Controller.

Secondly, due to heavy business commitments, John Willcox is standing down as Club Secretary, with effect from 1 April. Both will be much missed and are thanked for their hard work and commitment to Mackie Bowling Club.

We therefore have a vacancy to fill, so if anyone would like to get more involved in club affairs, please contact John or myself to find out more about what the Secretary’s role entails.

Stewart Penfound

President, Mackie Bowling Club

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