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May 2023

Outside at last!

The green is looking good for the time of year and visiting clubs have commented favourably on how well it is playing.  
The usual early rounds of national and county competitions have started – good luck, Mackie BC!

We entertained around thirty visitors to the club on our recent open days and a good time was had by all. We extend a warm welcome to new members Anne and Tony Meadows, and others have indicated the wish to join. Thanks to all for helping making these events so successful!

The teas and cleaning rotas have been issued and can be seen on the notice board and the club website. 

Please confirm your allocated dates by initialling against your name.


Jean Baker has kindly offered to show us how to use the club’s defibrillator and will take a few minutes to hold a session before our evening roll-up on Monday 15th May. 

Enjoy your bowling!


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